Our Hottest Offers

National Promo’s Hottest Offers for March / April 2020.

The Biggest giveaway offer we have ever given in 20 years. With any $1200 total purchase value from National Promo – we will gift you a FREE 4-7 NIGHT FREE LUXURY OVERSEAS or AUSTRALIAN HOLIDAY.

You can accumulate order totals from multiple orders throughout 2020, and once you reach 20 holiday credits, the holiday is yours. It is available on ANY products – not just these listed below. 1 holiday credit is valued at every $60 spend with National Promo. Reach 20 holiday credits ($1200) and get your FREE HOLIDAY.

Why giveaway a holiday offer with the current virus & travel bans?

The answer is simple, National Promo is very well placed to trade through this period and in a few months, life will be back to near normal for most people, and a lot of currently stressed people will NEED A BREAK. As this promotion runs for all of 2020 and beyond, & the fact you get 2 YEARS to take the holiday after its booked, means you have plenty of time to get business back to normal, plan a holiday, book and then enjoy some relaxing time out.