PICK 'N' MIX 4 Pen Styles. 100 for $1 a pen or less.

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The '7 Pen Range' on offer consist of 6 pens and a carpenter pencil. You can Choose up to 4 styles to make your order of 100 or more and we will engrave them with your info for you.

Choose Pen Style: Choose your pen styles you would like from the pictures above.

Choose your Pen Colours: You can choose the colours of the pen from within each pen style and write those colours in the message box when you want to order.

Ink: All have 4000m Black Writing Ink - Parker Style refills

Engrave colour: white engraving, except the timber carpenter pencil has a brown look to the pencil.

Qty: The price is setup to allow to type in the Qty you want eg: if you want 200 > then type in 200 in the Qty Box. The price will calculate the right price for you.

Personalisation Size: Up to 58mm wide x 6mm high. We will send you artwork with the right size info.

Please keep this in mind when determining the amount of text you would like engraved. We recommend a maximum of two lines of engraving to make them look nice.

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