Engraved Metal Bottle Opener Keyring with FREE DELIVERY

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Keyring Bottle Openers are available in 7 colours which are perfect for a business promotion, fundraising, pubs, trade shows or a simple promotional giveaway to present your brand professionally. The opener is made from solid aluminium with an anodised colour coating. While lightweight and easy to fit onto any keyring, the opener allows you to open bottles with ease and with the top lip, you can open cans of drink also. One of the most used promotional items on the market today.

Item: Metal Keyring Bottle Opener

Keyring Colours: Black, Red, Green, Royal Blue, Silver, Purple, Orange

Engraving Colour: white

Engraving Size: Up to 44mm wide x 8mm high

Please keep this in mind when determining the amount of text you would like engraved. We recommend a maximum of two lines of engraving to make them look nice. Logo's possible - but we need to see what you are wanting to confirm if its possible.

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